How to Apply for a Visa

Admission Scheme Matching Tool

Applying for a visa to work or relocate to Hong Kong? Answer a few questions to find out which admission schemes you may apply for. Based on your answers, we will let you know what schemes you may be eligible for. The preliminary matching results will lead you to the website of Immigration Department for online applications. Start the questionnaire now.

Q1: Where are you originally from?
Q1a: Are you a second generation of emigrated Chinese Hong Kong permanent resident(s) from overseas?
Q2: Do you have an undergraduate degree or higher qualification?
Q2a: Are you a graduate with an undergraduate degree or higher qualification in a full-time and locally-accredited institutions in HK?
Q2b: Are you a graduate with an undergraduate degree from an internationally renowned universities / institutions shown in the list?
Q3: Are you a fresh graduate?
Q3a: Do you have at least 3 years of working experience in the last 5 years?
Q3b: Are you a graduate in the past 5 years?
Q4: Did you earn an annual salary of HK$2.5 million or over in the last year?
Q5: Have you already secured a job offer?
Q5a: Are your job offer related to research and development in innovation and technology sector? (eg. 5G, AI, cybersecurity, etc)?
Q6: Do you consider yourself a highly skilled or talented individuals with good qualification(s) and/ achievement(s)?
Q7: Are you looking to start a business in Hong Kong?