How to Apply for a Visa

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Find Out if You Are Eligible

Do you want to work or live permanently in Hong Kong? You will need a visa to come to the city.

Check out your eligibility by answering a few simple questions related to your background, or read more about the requirements of each talent admission scheme below.

Talent Admission Schemes

Talent development, attraction and retention are the keys to Hong Kong's development today. There are diversified admission schemes by the HKSAR Government to recruit quality immigrants from the Mainland and all over the world to the city. Each scheme has different application and eligibility requirements. Click to read more.

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Admission Scheme Matching Tool

Applying for a visa to work or relocate to Hong Kong? Answer a few questions to find out which admission schemes you may apply for. Based on your answers, we will let you know what schemes you may be eligible for. The preliminary matching results will lead you to the website of Immigration Department for online applications. Start the questionnaire now.

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Immigration Information

Planning to relocate to Hong Kong? Want to come with family, or would like to start a business here? You may want to know more about the different requirements and procedures of the Immigration Departments.

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