Beyond Classroom: Extracurricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are a big part of Hong Kong school life, and these provide the opportunity for children to pursue a variety of interests, be that brushing up on their language skills, learning a new instrument, getting to grips with cooking, or finding their inner Picasso in a painting class.

While most local and international schools will have an extra-curricular timetable, beyond the school gates, there are plenty of private organisations offering everything from drama and theatre workshops to football and tennis coaching. Other options include horse riding at one of the city’s equestrian centres, mastering martial arts such as Wing Chun and Shotokan, or learning to sail at one of the city’s yacht clubs. In addition, Hong Kong has a Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Association, both of which focus on personal development and leadership training.

There are an increasing number of organisations offering Science Technology Engineering Mathematics, or STEAM education after school. At these classes, your child can get to grip with coding, learn robotics (and maybe build their own robot), familiarise themselves with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and don their lab coat and goggles for science workshops, where they’ll take part in fun, engaging experiments.