Early Childhood Medical Service

It may not be all sunshine and rainbows over here, but Hong Kong has world-class support to deal with any health problems your little ones may encounter. As it should be, the health and development of children are treated with utmost importance here. The Department of Health has dedicated seven Child Assessment Centres across the city to provide assessment and remedial services for children with developmental problems.

From the core identity-and-treat service to parent support and public education, Child Assessment Service (CAS) contribute their expertise wherever they can and give much-needed guidance and help to children in need. The CAS team of experts is a multi-disciplinary resource for families in need. From paediatricians and clinical psychologists to speech therapists and physios, CAS is there every step of the way on your child’s journey, from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

Adding to existing resources, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital has centralised the city’s paediatric services in one place since it opened in 2018. Seasoned professionals here work on paediatric cases requiring multidisciplinary management, providing diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation services for children from birth to 18 years old.