Early Education

Education is of paramount importance to your young children, and Hong Kong delivers a diverse selection of Early Years options from nursery to primary school.

Even within renowned preschools and kindergartens, there are plenty of different education approaches you can choose. Some of them offer non-local curricula while some of them prioritise Chinese as the main medium of instruction. There’s no right answer, so do choose one that you believe would benefit your children the most. 

A common practice among Hong Kong working parents is to hire a full-time domestic helper to take care of the kids (having someone to help out with daily chores is a huge boon as well). But as the role of early social interactions in children’s development becomes more acknowledged, more privately run playgroups have emerged in the city in recent years. Some kindergartens in Hong Kong even operate with a childcare centre to provide childcare services for children aged below three. Parents can entrust their children to qualified babysitter-cum-teachers for the day where needed.

For parents seeking both kindergarten and kindergarten-cum-childcare centres, collectively referred to as “kindergartens”, it is advisable to choose those registered with the Education Bureau (EDB).  All kindergartens in Hong Kong are privately run and some of them joining the Kindergarten Education Scheme would be provided with subsidies from the Hong Kong Government on a per student basis.  

For details, please refer to the relevant EDB webpage on Kindergarten Education in Hong Kong.