Hong Kong Street Markets

Hong Kong has a lively market scene where you can pick up clothes, souvenirs, electronics, and antiques for bargain prices. Just be prepared to haggle (within limits, of course), particularly if you’re buying in bulk.

At Temple Street Night Market in Jordan, you might catch a Chinese opera show or see locals visiting fortune tellers, but mostly it’s about shopping. There are market stalls selling everything from cut-price clothing to traditional Chinese watercolours, all juxtaposed against dai pai dongs (traditional street food stalls) where you can pick up a cheap bowl of noodles with fish balls, or plates of scallops with chili and garlic.

Over in Mong Kok, many flock to the Ladies Market to pick up cheap clothes, luggage, and items like Oriental-style cushion covers and table runners from the shops and street stalls.

If you’re looking for good deals on electronic goods, try Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po, where there are second hand electrical and mechanical devices including rice cookers, typewriters, vacuum cleaners, radios, and fans.

Vintage lovers will appreciate Lascar Row’s offerings in Sheung Wan, where a line of antique stores awaits. The street runs parallel to stalls selling everything from Bruce Lee posters to colourful Oriental crockery.