Must Download Transportation App

There are a few things you can do right now to ease faster into Hong Kong life, and one of those is downloading some nifty transport apps. For every mode of transportation, there are options that can help you get directions and check traffic information. Here, we’ve compiled a short list of apps to get your travel game up in no time.

MTR Mobile

Everything you need to know about taking the train or the light rail is baked into the MTR Mobile app. From travel time estimation to optimal route calculation plus a complete railway map of Hong Kong, the app can be relied on when traversing the vast majority of the city. The app’s ability to check for amenities and shops in individual stations is another great bonus.

1933: KMB/LWB and CitybusNWFB

Hong Kong bus routes are run predominantly by the two companies, and you’ll need to download these two apps to get complete coverage. The apps share many common functions you’d expect from a transport app, like real-time bus information, a route finder, and an interactive map for when you’re trying to find the closest bus stop.


Taxis are the most numerous and readily available passenger vehicles in town. HKTaxi is an app that functions exactly like any ride-hailing app, with the extra perk of having the option to pay in cash.