Octopus Card

Nothing grinds the gears more than having to bring multiple transport cards, or worse, cash and change, to pay for travel tickets and passes. Fortunately, Hong Kong has the Octopus card, a contactless payment system that can be used for every mode of transport.

All modes of public transport are legally required to offer Octopus fare payment options, so one topped-up Octopus card will get you covered for trains, light rail, trams, buses, minibuses, ferries, and even some taxis. Whenever you see the card reader, which features the number 8 as its logo, give it a tap and you’re good to go! There are Octopus balance enquiry machines and add-value machines available in all MTR stations. You can simply reload your Octopus at shops, convenience stores, or even using your mobile phone!

Through the years, Octopus has reached far beyond just transportation services. Convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, vending machines, parking meters… it’s the one card you should have on you before any other. Applying for one isn’t rocket science, either. Simply walk up to any MTR service counter, and put down a HK$50 deposit. Voila, you’re ready to rock around town with your very own Octopus!