Things to do at Weekends: Workshops

Whether you’re keen to extend your knowledge of Chinese culture or simply love getting creative, there are plenty of places in Hong Kong where you can turn your hand to Chinese calligraphy, have a go at making ceramics, or find out more about Chinese tea.

Many foreigners living in Hong Kong are eager to try and write or paint Chinese characters at a calligraphy workshop or try Chinese ink painting, and such classes are a good way to familiarise yourself with Chinese culture. They’re also great for stress relief and switching off, as you really need to concentrate. Signing up for a Chinese tea appreciation class is another way to embrace Chinese culture, and you’ll pick up useful tips like the right amount of water and tea leaves needed to brew the perfect pot – or why not try a dim sum making class, where you’ll be taught how to make classic dishes like dumplings and wontons?

If you prefer to get crafty, spaces like Tai Kwun and PMQ offer seasonal workshops, with the option to try tufting, fabric printing, and flower arranging. You’ll also find glassmaking, weaving and embroidery, and photography workshops at various locations across the city.