Traditional Desserts and Late Night Eateries

After dinner, many locals will stop by a dessert shop for traditional sweets like black sesame or red bean soup, sweet tofu, and mango pomelo pudding. Many dessert places give diners the option of adding glutinous rice balls to soups for extra texture. Don’t forget to order a fruity tea on the side, like a fruit and peach resin jasmine tea packed with fruit slices.

Hong Kong is a late-night city, with many eateries still serving ‘til 11pm or later. If you’re craving western food, eateries are offering endless breakfast combos, while dim sum joints stay open ‘til 3am, where you can grab snacks like runny egg custard buns and salted corned beef sandwiches. Other options include Korean-style fast food kimchi pancakes and bowls of bibimbap.

On one of the city’s most renowned food streets, Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, you’ll find places serving satays and noodles ‘til 12:30am on the weekends, and fish balls and dessert soups til 11pm at others. Over in Mong Kok, you can pick up cuttlefish balls, pig offal, and turkey kidneys ‘til 11pm.