Zero Waste Stores

Consumers in Hong Kong are becoming more eco-conscious, and there is an increasing number of retail options for those who wish to eschew plastic and reduce their carbon footprint.

If you despair of shopping in the supermarket and all the plastic that will end up in the recycling, then you’ll find several places where you can take your own containers and shop for bulk dry food including oats and cereals, nuts and seeds plus grains and herbs & spices. You can also bulk buy beauty products including body and dental care products, and eco-friendly cleaning products. You can additionally stock up on reusable items including food wraps, flasks, and coffee filters.

Other zero-waste items you’ll find in Hong Kong include bamboo kitchen rolls, sugarcane drinking straws, compostable food containers and cling film, plus solid shampoos and biodegradable rubbish bags.

Want to take things a step further and grow your own produce? Then shop at an online platform where you can pick up items including organic okra, red pepper, lettuce, and leek seeds. If you don’t have much space, then consider a few herbs and make your dinner taste extra-special. You can find Hong Kong retailers online stocking items like sage, basil, and peppermint seeds if you want to cultivate your own herb garden.