Physical Fitness

With a large proportion of the Hong Kong population working in sleek office complexes (and not having much time to work out during lunch), exercise is usually done after work or on the weekends. Join them in the quest to achieve both health and wealth!

Hiking is probably one of the most common outdoor pastimes in town. The mountainous terrain of Hong Kong makes for some dramatic hikes, and there are a wide variety of trails to suit all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced.

The joggers are also a huge community in Hong Kong, thanks to the city’s accessible jogging paths and tree-lined promenades, and several races including the Hong Kong Marathon, the popularity of the hobby has soared in recent years. Running along the harbourside or in one of the city’s parks is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping fit, and you’ll usually find a green space just a few minutes’ jog away from your place of residence.

Not an outdoor person? Neither are many Hongkongers. Around-the-clock gyms and yoga studios can be found across the city alongside indoor cycling studios and spinning classes. Private personal training is also a very popular option, and you’ll likely find a trainer who speaks your language. The same rules apply in Hong Kong as anywhere else in the world when keeping fit: listen to your body, and watch out for classes or trainers that push you beyond comfortable limits.