Nightlife in Hong Kong

To enjoy your time in Hong Kong, embrace the spirit of Hongkongers: work hard and play harder. Many locals work late and love to drink until even later, and there are several districts worth checking out for beers, cocktails, and good times. Here are a few to add to your bar crawl list:

Lan Kwai Fong (LKF)

When the conversation turns to nightlife in Hong Kong, it takes an average of fewer than two exchanges before LKF is brought up, and for good reason. It’s the party capital for locals and expats alike, with nightclubs, bars, and restaurants lining the slopes of Central. With so many options, there’s something for everyone, from chic cocktail bars to pool halls.


An area right next to LKF, SoHo’s vibe couldn’t be more different. Whisky speakeasies, cocktail lounges, wine bistros, award-winning restaurants, and more. SoHo is all about branching off Hollywood Road into the side streets and finding your next favourite spot away from the crowds.

Wan Chai

Renowned for its live music scene and the British pubs on Jaffe and Lockhart Road, Wan Chai’s bar scene has always had a loyal following. The renovation of Lee Tung Avenue nearby a few years back has given rise to several fashionable spots around the area, which offer a more upscale experience to Wan Chai goers.

Honourable mention: Mong Kok East

Craft beer is experiencing a meteoric rise in Hong Kong, and many a beer hall serving exclusive and fresh taps has popped up near Hak Po Street and Yim Po Fong Street. If you’re too hip for standard lagers and tequila shots, pop into one of these places and sample some local IPAs and pale ales.